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COVID-19 Guidance

Sunday 11th April 2021 has seen some changes surrounding the guidance for sports clubs and we are now able to offer in-person training alongside our existing online training. Our current weekly timetable is outlined below and will be updated to include changes such as more sessions, or who can train indoors and group sizes. The current guidance from British Fencing has us believe this will be around May 17th 2021 though this date is not set in stone. 

Monday - no training

Tuesday - no training

Wednesday - online zoom session 19:00-20:00 (all ages)

Thursday - in person training at TMFC (under 18 only)

Friday - online fencing match analysis (all ages)

Saturday - no training

Sunday - in person training at TMFC (all ages)

Important: The Sunday session is held outdoors. This means we are at the mercy of not only British weather but Northern weather which is renowned for a mind of its own (and a lot of rain). If in the event we have to cancel this session, we will give as much notice as possible, and will put an online zoom session on in its place.

The key changes/rules still in place 


- Group sizes for indoor under-18 training is 15. This includes staff that are taking part in the session. 

- Group sizes outdoor appear to be following the same rule but can be mixed ages. This is still being checked so may be subject to change

- Parents and carers may stay at the centre during the session for an under-18 fencer (inline with TMFC guidance)

- Fencers are allowed to flèche during their fencing. However, fencers must still be mindful of the current situation and if the lead coach feels for any reason in their professional judgement that they are saying to not flèche this rule must be followed by all fencers. 

- Rounds of fencing are for 20mins (total elapsed time of 30mins) when not scored.

- rounds of fencing are 2x15 or 5x5 when scoring. 


- Still no hand shakes so continue to use fist bumps or 'air 5s' at the end of a round of fencing

- Fencers to bring drink bottles, hand sanitiser and face covering to the centre.

- Face coverings should be worn on entering the centre, and during warm up but not whilst sparring (not needed during outdoor sessions). Fencers who are not able to wear one due to medical reason and/or disability are not required to do so. 

Before you come to the centre

  • Ensure your kit is clean

  • If you have had any symptoms you must not come to the centre and get in touch with us as soon as you can on 07562 577 832 to let us know you will not be fencing

  • You must have registered with British Fencing as a member (either as a social fencer or competitive member - more information below)

  • Ensure you have a bottled drink with you (no facilities to fill it up at the centre)

  • Have your own supply of hand sanitiser to help keep the space clean in between your rounds of fencing

At the centre before you fence

  • Wash hands/use sanitation station as soon as you enter the centre

  • Keep all your belongings together, this includes any personal items such as bottles/towels which must not be kept on the side of the piste

  • Come to the centre ready to fence (i.e. in your sports kit) to minimise the need to use the changing rooms

Whilst fencing

  • No hand shakes at the centre. At the end of a round of fencing use elbow bumps, or an 'air 5' 

  • Sessions are reduced to two hours only at the centre to allow staff to clean, and also to minimise the mixing of people in the salle

  • No loaning of kit at the centre. If you do need to use some of our kit please get in touch to discuss this

  • We are able to loan out epees, however once you have been loaned one for the session you must not put it back until it has been cleaned by one of our staff

After you fence

  • Take all kit home with you. Nothing is to be stored at the centre to allow staff to clean thoroughly and also to ensure kit is clean

  • Ensure you have contact information for GMF staff (and consent for broadcast messages has been given)

  • Ensure you have filled in any paperwork for the record keeping of he centre (for track & trace purposes)

  • If you feel unwell at any point in the week following your session, or if anyone in your household is asked to isolate you must contact us immediately to let us know on 07562 577832

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