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Armoury at GMF

At GMF we are fortunate to have one of our staff trained to do armoury for epee. 

From 11th June if you need anything looking at with your epee please use the boxes below to book in the time for the armoury. This won't charge you for the work as that is paid directly to Felicity as part of their work as a self-employed armourer. 

Typical turn around time for any work is 1 week as this needs to be done when the sessions aren't on, so that Flic can focus on supporting fencers and staff during the sessions.


If you need something done quicker than the one week turn around time please mention this when you book time in. 

Costs include all parts that are needed and weapons will be weight checked before being returned to you, to ensure if you compete they are competition ready. 

Again though, if you have any questions just get in touch to ask us. 

Image by Jonathan Falcon

Competition check - £5

- Check the weight

- Check the gauge

- If needed replace any screws or springs in the tip, and check the wire is secure in the socket. 

Image by Jonathan Falcon

Broken but not sure what - £10

If you are unsure what the fault is with the epee or it has an intermittent fault this is something that can be looked at and is often worth doing rather than assuming you need to rewire the epee.

This would include the cost of parts needed to repair the fault and is still weight checked, and gauge checked before being returned to you. 

Fencer with Mask

Full re-wire - £25

If your epee needs a full rewire this includes all parts needed. If it has been determined a full re-wire is needed but you already paid the £10 to try and work out the fault you will only have to pay the difference of £15. 

Armoury Booking Form
By submitting this form I am aware of te following:

Thanks for submitting.

Flic will be in touch to sort out a date for you to hand over any epee's for repair.

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