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How Greater Manchester Fencing Began

Greater Manchester Fencing (or GMF as we like to call it) is made up of a group of coaches based in and around the Greater Manchester area, no surprises there! We all met in Oldham at ‘The Manchester Fencing Centre’ and quickly realised that we have the experience, vision and drive to create our own club that would run alongside the clubs already based at the centre. 


Our passion is to see faces light up as more and more people discover the intricacies of the complex and rewarding Olympic sport that we call...…. Fencing!

Since we first started a lot of exciting things have happened. We have had amazing coaches help our club grow and our fencers develop. Some of our coaches have then moved onto their own new and exciting events but through all of this, our vision has not changed - to develop a community around and through a shared love of fencing. 

We have taken 2020 as a chance to take up another exciting development and are currently working on developing some of our own fencers to become fencing coaches. If this is something that interests you we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

We would love to hear from you if you want to join us as a fencer, a coach, or if you are not sure but are interested in the sport.  


Kindest regards and we look forward to meeting you all,

Richard Lloyd-Jones and all the staff at GMF


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